• A valuable home style brand

    A valuable home style brand

    Challenges. Reflect the defined values. Pride in belonging not just to a sector, but also to a geographical location and a concrete origin.

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  • ILUNION, a brand with social value

    ILUNION, a brand with social value

    This diverse group endorses the mission of the ONCE Foundation and the ONCE Lottery–well-trusted household names in Spain.

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  • The new age of "the pig"

    The new age of "the pig"

    Sánchez Romero Carvajal communicates a fresher, bolder, happier and more positive identity. To differentiate.

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  • Yolado will leave you frozen!

    Yolado will leave you frozen!

    Danone strides into the world of frozen yoghurt, by breathing life into one of the most innovative, cutting-edge and altogether different projects of late.

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  • Save the date

    Save the date

    Morillas designs a unique identity for a singular fashion brand.

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  • Creating an explosive identity for Pops

    Creating an explosive identity for Pops

    Healthier snack, four bold flavors… and one leading branding agency.

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  • International expertise meets 'local taste'

    International expertise meets 'local taste'

    Maestro Pizza is a new Saudi Arabian pizzeria chain, which blends international quality with a perfect local local twist and knowledge of Saudi’s favorite flavors and tastes.

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  • A new paradigm in apps that make life easier

    A new paradigm in apps that make life easier

    Lack of info, delays, time changes, gate changes, connecting to complete check-in…Passnfly is a new generation app that endeavors to make life easier and save you from all those headaches.

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4 March 2015
How brands can speak to the LGBT community
picto lgbt

Sydney Mardi Gras 2014: Hundreds of thousands of revellers celebrate one of the world’s largest LGBTQI Pride events. Amid the corsets, feathers, floats, glitter and multi-colored mayhem, the “best dressed” award goes to… an ATM machine?

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27 February 2015
Unmasking the Carnival Narrative

Vibrant celebrations dotted around the world: It’s something for the young, the old, families, revelers, and everyone in between. It’s local, regional, and at the same time, entirely global. What’s more, it is celebrated by a diverse spectrum of cultures, languages and tradition.

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20 February 2015
The Super Bowl: A sporting lesson

In the most important TV season of the year for Americans – where the Grammies, the Oscars and the Golden Globes provide veritable feasts for the eyes – the Super Bowl remains the quintessential TV event, that draws families to the small screen in an act that’s both sporting spectacle – as they’re playing the final of the American football league – and musical extravaganza, as the world’s greatest superstars perform during the break.

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