• A valuable home style brand

    A valuable home style brand

    Challenges. Reflect the defined values. Pride in belonging not just to a sector, but also to a geographical location and a concrete origin.

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  • ILUNION, a brand with social value

    ILUNION, a brand with social value

    This diverse group endorses the mission of the ONCE Foundation and the ONCE Lottery–well-trusted household names in Spain.

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  • The new age of "the pig"

    The new age of "the pig"

    Sánchez Romero Carvajal communicates a fresher, bolder, happier and more positive identity. To differentiate.

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  • Yolado will leave you frozen!

    Yolado will leave you frozen!

    Danone strides into the world of frozen yoghurt, by breathing life into one of the most innovative, cutting-edge and altogether different projects of late.

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  • Save the date

    Save the date

    Morillas designs a unique identity for a singular fashion brand.

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  • Creating an explosive identity for Pops

    Creating an explosive identity for Pops

    Healthier snack, four bold flavors… and one leading branding agency.

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  • International expertise meets 'local taste'

    International expertise meets 'local taste'

    Maestro Pizza is a new Saudi Arabian pizzeria chain, which blends international quality with a perfect local local twist and knowledge of Saudi’s favorite flavors and tastes.

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  • A new paradigm in apps that make life easier

    A new paradigm in apps that make life easier

    Lack of info, delays, time changes, gate changes, connecting to complete check-in…Passnfly is a new generation app that endeavors to make life easier and save you from all those headaches.

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26 March 2015
In Good Company?
picto cobranding

Although ‘co-branding’ is a relatively new term in marketing lexicon, partnering with a brand to create synergy has been around for a few decades and sprouted a handful of sub-categories.

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19 March 2015
The power of no: negativity as brand-building

There was once a time when positivity was connoted as a renaissance in human behavior. Saying yes was a buzzword with self-help gurus, motivational speakers, and swarms of psychologists all concurring that optimism is the foundation of a happy life.

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13 March 2015
The Human Branding Era

Mexican foodstuffs brand, Chipotle, recently had a problem. Strange messages started appearing on its Twitter account. First, the word “twitter” appeared over and over again. Next, the company published its password. Then, things got even stranger: “darling, can you get avocados and lime?”, read a message that was clearly meant to be personal

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