15 May 2015
Mother’s love

There’s only one mom, and yours is the best. This could be the premise for the tradition of Mother’s Day, a date that commemorates the values associated with motherhood: unconditional love, protection and support.

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6 May 2015
What is it that connects us?

In a world where we would rather text than talk; where transportation has brought us closer together, connecting our destination points but not our journeys; and in a world where open borders are challenged by increasing economic and political obstacles, what is it that currently connects us? What are the commodities that deem universal across cultures, politics, languages, histories?

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16 April 2015
The time for Sacrifice

As far as traditions are concerned, we have just emerged from a period of repentance. The calm and restraint of Holy Week has traditionally been considered a time for self-discipline and self-reflection.

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