We understand "experiences" as what people think and feel in every moment when they interact with a product or service. A well-designed experience becomes decisions that will improve the quality of life of those who enjoy it. Here technology, design and interfaces are only a means, a process to focus on the final impact on people and how to make it meaningful.


Why do we

need one?

We must accompany consumption shifts from the material to the experiential. XD is about understanding that we must offer users relevant experiences that make their lives easier, rather than about owning new products. This trend, coupled with new changes in innovation driven by technology and sociable humans, means that companies need to consider how to create value so that their customers experience more than just a product or service. That they experience relevance.

What does it
consist of?

1 Customer journey audit

In an experience design process, the entire user journey will be analyzed from before the transaction to once it has been completed, in order to discover the possible steps, phases and moments the customer may experience with the brand – according to the different types of audience. This journey will be the basis for understanding the experience that the brand is offering.

2 Moments of truth definition

Once the experience has been analyzed, the audience's moments of truth are detected – the inflection points in each of the phases in which it is essential that everything works perfectly. These may vary according to the type of audience. For example, in a hotel, they will vary if we are talking about a profile that travels for work or a weekend stay for a family with children.

3 Experience touchpoint review

Once the moments of truth for each audience have been ascertained, we analyze whether they meet expectations or whether they need to be revised to improve the experience offered to the different audiences.

4 Team roll-out

The newly defined experience should be communicated to the different teams so that they understand the key moments of the brand and how they should behave in each of them according to the different audience profiles.

5 Sensorial Marketing

Finally, the experience design will zoom in on sensorial aspects of the brand such as its characteristic and recognizable fragrance, gastronomic proposal, uniforms or unboxing experience.


  • What is the difference between UX and Experience Design?

    UX/UI focuses on the user experience at a specific digital touchpoint of the brand. such as an app or a site, ensuring that the user follows the funnel desired by the brand and maintains the consistency of its identity. In contrast, experience design has a much broader focus, addressing the agility of customer service, processes, the experience of receiving the product at home or complementary services.

  • Is it necessary to include the consumer or user in an experience design project?

    Including the user is always recommended, as it enables us to obtain a much more realistic view of the steps followed by each audience profile, their moments of truth and how they currently value themselves.

  • What are the benefits of good experience design?

    Strong experience design will help build brand preference and memorability. It can become a brand's USP and even justify a higher price point.

  • Can experience design combine digital and physical elements?

    A complete brand experience will most likely combine digital and physical touchpoints, such as in the case of an airline: from searching for a ticket, making a purchase, receiving a boarding pass, checking in online or at the counter, the lounge, boarding the plane and the entire in-flight and post-flight experience. In some cases, it may affect a specific environment or help to level the digital experience to the physical environment – or vice-versa.

  • How long does an experience design project take?

    The duration always depends on the complexity and multiplicity of touchpoints, steps in the journey and type of audience.

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