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Retail Branding

Whether it’s the shelf, or the entire space; retail branding is the crucial point of revelation, making it the most important point of interaction with the customer.

Our commitment to absorption, listening, immersing in cultural codes – what we call our brand instinct – is the essential tool that creates an entire sensory experience when our brand is revealed.

Often times, we have the opportunity to design the space where the brand lives. Cafes, recreation spaces, offices; environments where we are challenged to merge contrasting concepts like work and play, day and night.

First, we assess how to bring the brand into a live user experience. Since we work with brand identity, naming, and other design elements – crafting every detail like salt sachets in restaurants and floor lighting in offices – we create a powerful integral branding project where each component fits hand in hand.

We work with the rhythm of the space, understanding the flow of the customer, the intentions and interests of each distinct user. We understand that each user experiences a space with a unique perspective and intention. In stores, we arrange shelves according to the way its public purchase, and segment the environments according to people’s shopping behaviors. In cafes, we design spaces to accommodate the standers, the sitters, the loungers.

And it’s not just about how the brand lives in one retail environment; it’s about translating that brand to another environment in another country. We adapt a brand to its various cultures, anchoring each space to its cultural environment, to its people and its traditions.
Retail branding is also about that shop shelf, a delicate position where brands can emit a confusing message. Too much competition, too much blandness. Whatever the case, we rebrand their system, adapting them to their environment without sacrificing their ID.