Branding Agency Company UK London - Morillas
7 March, 2016
Merger between Morillas and Redcode Agency

Morillas and Redcode Agency join forces to create a new gold standard within the Branding sector Morillas will integrate the entire Redcode Agency team, with the objective of securing its leadership in the brand service world, and will grow to a team of 83 professionals.

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19 February, 2016
Out with the gin; in with the tonic, and a dash of coffee.

Tonic water sits on the bubbling line between a mixer, a swanky sipping beverage, and a medicinal libation. In 2015, The Guardian newspaper declared that it was Britain’s fastest growing soft drink.

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18 February, 2016
Did someone say bananas?
post_gran_500x275_147 (2)

Perched on fruit stalls, bunched at supermarkets, hanging off trees in tropical countries; at practically every blink of an eye, a banana is somewhere in sight. It’s safe to assume that bananas are one of the most widely eaten fruits in the world.

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